About Us

Emek Advertising was founded in the year 2020 in Istanbul by the support of KOSGEB for entrepreneurs. It aims to provide project design and manifacturing of the products such as Promotion and Advertising Solutions – Signs, Totems, Boards, Light Boxes, Metal Frame Stand Design and Application – Fair and Exhibition Stands, Promotion and Display Stands Digital Printing Technics – Showcase Wrapping, Vehicle Wrapping, Posters, Forex Cutting, Vinyl Application, Billboard Printing


With an expert and dynamic team ; We provide a flawless support which is based on customer satistaction after our Design, Manifacturing, Assembly services.
Time is money. We acknowledge that your time is valuable and it needs to be spent wisely. As a team who knows that, we’re in a hurry to find a solution for your needs as soon as possible.


The work we did before is the guarantee of the ones we will do in the future. By following the constantly changing world, we’re open to innovation and dedicated to these changes and advancements with the experience we have. We aim to provide a true service to you by mixing the work we did before in the past with improvement.

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